YES Homes Financing: Save My Current Home

YES Homes will save your house: How our program works!

You are probably getting lots of phone calls and texts and letters from wholesalers who want to buy your house for way less than what it is worth. You are likely also getting approached by “experts” who claim they can make this go away as long as you pay them thousands in up-front fees. Don’t fall for these scams!

Here is how we can keep you in the home you love and make these problems go away for good.

1 Yes Homes will purchase your house for what you currently owe on it.  This includes all payments you have missed, attorneys fees, late fees and any other costs your lender has added to the balance.  We are giving you a fresh start.  Furthermore, if you have enough equity, we may be able to purchase the house for more than you owe.  This will give you money for other unpaid bills.  This is an excellent way to give your credit a quick boost.

2 Before we purchase the home, we enter into a “Lease Option Agreement” with you.  This locks in your purchase price to buy the house back from us and the price will be well under its current market value.  In other words, you get to keep a large part of your equity.  In the meantime, you will rent the house from us and our rents are usually less than current rents in your neighborhood.

3 And finally, we offer all of the flexibility you can imagine.  Our goal is for you to buy the house back from us.  We aren’t sitting back waiting for the agreement to expire so we can snatch your house away.  As long as you are paying rent and taking care of the house you love, we are going to work with you and give you the time you need.

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?  Well we are the real deal!

We encourage you to review our agreements with your attorney.We have helped hundreds of families.

Check out what our past clients are saying about us. Testimonials Coming Soon

During this time, we will be happy to introduce you to credit repair specialists and mortgage brokers who will help put you into a position to BUY THE HOUSE BACK FROM US!  We want you to purchase the house as soon as you can and we will offer incentives to do just that.  For instance, you will have both a one-year and a two-year purchase price to buy your home. Call Dave Newman  720-326-9049

While you are in the process of obtaining traditional financing, you will rent the house from us. It is important to point out that none of the rent payments will be applied towards the purchase price as this is not a “rent to own” program. Those programs are hardly ever successful. It is also very important to point out that you will be responsible for all maintenance and repairs on the house while you are in the “option period.” We want you to still think of this as your house.

As soon as you are in a position to buy the house, we will prepare the purchase contract and make arrangements with a local Title Company to finalize the purchase. We will put you back on the path towards home ownership and we will be there to assist you along the entire way.