YES Homes: “You Eventually Succeed”

Giving Good People A Second Chance To Own A Home

Back in 2006, you basically needed only one thing to get approved for a home loan, a pulse. It is crazy to think that just a little over 15 years ago almost anybody could get a loan. As ridiculous as it sounds, people who couldn’t prove any income were getting financing on all kinds of rental properties. Anybody and everybody it seemed was a real estate investor. My how things have changed…

People like you are making good money, they have good jobs, and more importantly, they simply want to take advantage of the American Dream of owning their own home. Everybody makes mistakes, but why is it so hard to earn a second chance?

Fast forward to 2022. The frustration is boiling over as the powers that be pushed the pendulum all the way to the other end of the spectrum. These days, we constantly see truly hard-working families constantly being denied traditional home financing. These folks are emerging from the nightmare of the real estate bubble and the recession, but it seems they can’t turn to anybody for help.

Now thanks to YES Homes, you and your family can find somebody who is happy to say “YES” when the banks are so fast to say “NO.”

YES Homes is happy to give families like yours that well deserved second chance. We believe that when folks are serious enough to pay a serious down payment, they are going to succeed. Let us put you on the path to successfully purchasing a home.

We offer all of the flexibility you can imagine.  We don’t pick your house for you.  Instead we let you make all the choices.  You decide on the house you want.  You pick the size, you pick the neighborhood, you pick the layout.

We will help you get in a position to successfully purchase the home by introducing you to licensed mortgage brokers and credit repair specialists.

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